Soupshow, free soup for everyone

Soupshow, gratis soep voor iedereen!
Soupshow, free soup for everyone

From 3 to 27 October & from November 7th ’till 16th, Grand Theatre facilitates the art installation SOUPSHOW by artist duo Vroegop/Schoonveld, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 5:00 PM and 7:30 PM in our upstairs foyer. Everyone is welcome!

Additional dates
7 T/M 16 november 2023, Tuesday – Friday 5 PM – 7:30 PM

With this temporary restaurant installation in our Balkonbar, Vroegop/Schoonveld wants to provide free soup for everyone, to provide basic needs without conditions and thus offer an alternative for our extremely limited and marketed society. The elimination of animal suffering, the importance of animal rights, is the starting point for the range of delicious 100% vegetable soups. In addition surprise performances (musicians, speakers, performances) can be expected. In the context of scientific research, guests are presented with a questionnaire about the transition from animal to vegetable proteins.

Soupshow in Grand Theatre

See the agenda for the soup of the day.

‘With hospitality and free offering of 100% plant based soups to everyone, we want to develop an alternative to our unjust and fatal society where at least a million people live, completely unnecessary and avoidable, in poverty. It is no surprise that social cohesion is crumbling in The Netherlands, a country where abundance is not shared and the fable of scarcity is constantly sold to the less fortunate. Capitalism leads to complete destruction and makes social security unattainable for many people. SOUPSHOW wants to move towards unconditional basic income, fundamental appreciation for everyone, and advocates animal rights to put an end to the unnecessary exploitation of animals in livestock farming and fishing.’ V/S

Soupshow is made possible by the efforts of many volunteers.

About Vroegop/Schoonveld

Matty Vroegop and Ed Schoonveld work together as the artist duo Vroegop/Schoonveld. Active as guest lecturers, among others, at the AKI ArtEZ Enschede and Minerva Hanze University Groningen. Their work has been shown at the World Expo Shanghai, C-Space Gallery Beijing, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and recently at the Museum for International light Art Unna, Germany. Vroegop/Schoonveld consider their practice as contextual. ‘We are made more than we make’

‘Much of what we call art and culture in the last century has emerged from anger and frustration, this restaurant-installation SOUPSHOW is no exception. Friction and irritation about the unjust exploitation of people and animals partly determined the choice for this art work. With SOUPSHOW we hope to actually contribute to a fair redistribution of resources and meaningful circulation of art and culture in, for and with society. Emphasizing the importance of animal rights, plant based food and basic income for everyone, we strive for liberation from the exploitative and destructive cycles of capitalism.’ V/S